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Ricardo Vidort

30 August 1929 – 21 May 2006

The Unforgettable Milonguero and his Essence

From the feeling of the heart, this project has been conceived and completed by Ewa Kiełczewska. Ricardo brought into my life mystery and the scent of Buenos Aires by being who he was till the end of his days. Enveloped in the depth of Ricardo’s spirit, I have devoted seven years to working on this project. Even though some of the interviews have been previously published without my agreement, I trust that this comprehensive work is of value to many.
Ricardo always wanted to write a book about meaning of tango and his knowledge of tango culture. I hope he likes what I have completed.



Just as the wind blows and the river runs, the human being, nature . . .

Ricardo, I thank you for visiting us, for knowing you, for bringing so much love to our beloved Mother.

May you live here in peace and tranquility, may your soul be open to that which is the mystery of the universe, the great power.

Thank you for your stories and legends, I always rejoice in listening to your poetic ways.

I embrace you.

Teague (Ewa’s oldest son)


To all who love Ricardo, carry the passion for tango and feel the loss of the great  master

A man of true heart who built his own life around tango and his friends, teaching and dancing the music of his country with the uniqueness owed to his feelings, with love and passion for the dance, also its history,  in 2006 left the living world after several months of suffering from illness.

Ricardo was not only a great dancer, highly educated with a degree in parapsychology, he had a mind of a philosopher. His love for humanity, unselfishness and generosity were his light. Many admired his knowledge and wisdom.

Ricardo touched many hearts and left a vivid imprint of a man who cared, always wishing well to others, rejoicing at their achievements and never neglecting to express his appreciation.

I  was able to take Ricardo back to Buenos Aires to see an oncologist, his daughter Solange, her mother and his friends. Ricardo’s wish was to die by my side. Upon our return to Santa Fe he became peaceful and tranquil (we were not able to obtain the necessary dose of medication in Argentina); the suffering ceased.

Surrounded by love, flowers and the sounds of nature, also his favorite music, he expired a few days later at sunset. The following morning a subtle smile appeared on his face, telling me that he was happy on his journey.

Ricardo and I shared one year of life together that seemed to have been one hundred years. Full of beauty, harmony and intensity of feelings, our hearts were living for each other.

To those who wonder why Ricardo chose to be in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I would like to quote the last sentence he uttered:

 “God threw a stone at me that changed into a diamond. I must have done something good in life to have met you”.

Many have taken time to write, expressing the feeling of loss, gratitude for learning from Ricardo, appreciating his unique talent, telling stories, sending their tears and heartfelt emotions. From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you all again.

With all my love and deepest respect,





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