With great appreciation and gratitude I would like to thank all the tango friends who have given their unselfish time and love to realize this project on Ricardo Vidort. Their encouragement, expertise and patience have made it possible for me to persevere.

Special gratitude to friends who never met Ricardo, except for Jorge, yet did not hesitate to devote endless hours to make this project possible:

Carl Bogenholm for his total dedication in helping me with the computer science

Alicia Lambré for translations, editing and her presence at all moments

Jorge Midón for translations of texts with exceptional sensibility

Anna Stąpór, my goddaughter from Warsaw, for translating and editing “until the cows come home”…

Orlando Turrietta for the intense work with the captions for the videos

Also to:

Jill Barrett, Osvaldo Bottino, Alito Candamil, Osvaldo and Coca Cartery,  Luis Calvo, Oscar Casas, Tango Commuter, Liz Haight, Janis Kenyon, Alicia Lambre, Norma Lavalle,  Vilma Martinez, Rick McGarry, Gilda Ogas, Chan Park, Myriam Pincen, Maria de San Telmo, Graciela Tierno, Muma Valino.

Paintings, courtesy of Museo MANOBLANCA, Buenos Aires

To Teague, Kosma and Felicja, my children, I would like to thank from the depth of my heart for their unconditional support, allowing me to walk into this experience.

Each of them reacted differently upon meeting Ricardo.

Teague said: “Mama prepare yourself for the most difficult”.

Kosma embraced Ricardo without reservation smiling at me.

Felicja struggled at eh begining. I gave Ricardo her room, she had been away in college … Shortly she opened her heart towards Ricardo inconditionally.



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