Chapter 13. From His Heart

My dear Ewa,

I enjoy your silences and at the same time only think of you. It is not an obsession but something beautiful and I might say it gives me pleasure. I believe I will be back at the USA, and if you wish I will make time to be with you in Santa Fe or where you want … since if there is anything that I desire, it’s to be with you and see your smile. Big kiss from the one who loves you … Ricardo

My most dear Ewa,

What is going on that I do not have your news? I do not know whether to go to London or to come by Santa Fe to be with you, if this is what you desire? I think of you, my beautiful Polaca and awaiting your answer. I love you … Ricardo

My darling Ewa,

I will do what you wish; however, what I feel in my heart is not so … I love you … Ricardo

Ricardo, I want you to come. Ewa

My dearest Ewa,

I will be there in two days. I love you … Ricardo

My very dear Polaca,

What is going on that I miss you so much and you are not answering me, if something is happening should I know or no??? In the middle of the night I see your eyes and your smile so close to me that I fear to touch you so you would not leave my side, my head thinks and makes thousands of plans to be able to stay with you all the time I have left.

I do nothing but think of you, your smile, your eyes, your hair, and I prefer not to continue ……                  I LOVE YOU … Ricardo

My dear darling,

How beautiful to be in love not with a dream but with something real, tangible, that laughs, is full of tenderness and love like you. I also am happy to have you beside me and desire to have the rest of my life like this, loving you and laughing with you, filling those spaces that were empty for so long. Big kiss and a big hug, Ricardo

My very dear darling,

I always think of you, the poetry is born for you, because of your presence and what you mean to me. There are no secrets. To live free like birds, like wind, like music, to think of you is pure, it is the vital energy of my mind and heart… God gave it to me to be able to touch you and love you as a reward for my thirst for you … I love you, I feel you and count days to my coming back. Kisses, Ricardo

My dear,

I yearn for the hour of arrival to take you in my arms so that your heart and mine speak to each other, touch each other, and love each other until the chest bursts. To embrace you is one of my passions for you, to touch you, look at you and see you smile, talk to you on the phone, sit at the table, especially when your children are there and we are all together in healthy harmony, correct, mutually respectful towards each other and with joy. As you see I think of you constantly and what I would do to be closer to you always. I wish I could stay by your side and I will see what can be done to make it happen. At last never my happiness was so beautiful as now and I do not think to lose it. Always my best wishes to the children and to you my beautiful Polaca, a strong embrace and a big kiss, I love you … Ricardo

My very dear Polaca,

Every way is good when it comes to the heart. At times the reason does not understand it, but to love a great courage is necessary. At times I have to learn to follow you, even though I will always intend to be, to follow you and to love you more because my heart is filled with you and it is never sufficient. I miss you and cannot see the hour of arriving to take you in my arms, without words, only to look at you gives me strength and comforts my spirit. Affection to the children and to you, all my love that escapes from my heart. I love you … Ricardo

Always… My very dear,

How do I do it to write???… I simply open my heart and let it do it … Since it is filled with you, loves you so much and is never enough. It does it in the way of writing. I love the way you write and your expressions make me smile and make my heart happy. You are the light that God put in my path to see better where I am going in my life, and also you are like water given to a thirsty man when in the desert; if anybody should be thankful it is me because you are like the wind that caresses my forehead when the heart burns or like rain water that refreshes the earth and makes it smile in gratefulness. You are a pool of water reflecting your smile that I love so much. If I were to write how I feel you, how I love you, how I think of you, there wouldn’t be enough pages in the world to be able to express myself and give you. If I were able of greater and more pure love, then you would continue to be pure inside and like a crystal outside … If I were able to paint you I would do it in the blue of the day or in the starry night that would illuminate your face and your eyes so that you do not hide from the world, and let it enjoy your candor. I love you everyday more; the distance made me know how and why. I miss you, all my love … Ricardo

My adored Polaca,

I’ll never leave your side!!! My soul and my heart will always be with you. You are … what I have yearned for all my life, and God has given me the most beautiful gift of life to know, to love you, as long as you want me to, always with the totality of my being and spirit. He adores you … Ricardo

My very loved one,

You are my spirit and my heart, without you nothing would exist for me ………… Receive all my love … Ricardo

My very adored Polaca,

All lyrics of tango that exist could never say what I feel for you. I am made of different clay, that which sees beyond the common, from the inside of heart and soul. That is why I love you so much. I will never lie to you about anything. I am preoccupied with my eye but I also know I’ll come out because God will never permit me that I would not see you, so I feel you inside of me and I will never lose you … since you are a part of my feeling, my thinking, and all my love. Big hug and a big kiss … Ricardo

My very loved Polaca,

I am the one who thanks God for knowing you and be able to share the rest of my life, which at times seems to run, but you may do a miracle to enjoy it at every moment. And even when you are not by my side, but there is your memory, your abstract presence and the smile that I adore so. I know what you have lived; how I know it is a mystery. My mind when I look at you reads and sees more of that past and time. I would want to have entered your life thousand years before and even to be able to protect you from all that happened to you … I love you, Ricardo

My very loved one,

Yes, Bizet with Carmen is the magic through which my person arrived to you and only you. You are the totality of the music in my life, you are … the sea with its murmur that marks el compas of the heartbeat, the notes are your smiles, with this joy that is contagious to live. The air becomes beautiful each time you are, and life penetrates me – how you have entered my soul, my blood, and in every beat I feel you more. I’m happy to know how you feel my presence since I also feel yours and see the hour of your quick arrival to melt with your skin in the embrace and feel you, feel so that we are one. A big hug, a kiss with all my love, I leave you once again my heart, Ricardo

My very love-drunk Polaca,

You are unique because of your form, your expressions and your form of feeling my love for you; nothing is more precious to me than you… since God put you in my path to make Eden in my life. My dance was enough of a success, and I was the only one who repeated, since the people asked for it. Thus when I dance I feel well. All understand what a feeling can do when accompanied by music and improvisation. Affection for the children and, for you my love, all the happiness of the world. Ricardo adores you

My adored Polaca,

You will never have tears of sadness, since I will not allow these to touch you. Tango does not have complication; leave the body to go, DO NOT think. Having you in my arms is better than dance … I love you, I love you. Ricardo

My more loved love,

The world is not different, but you and I – we make it different because of God’s blessing to love you until the end of my days. Eternity does not count for me if you are not in it. You may make a book with my emails and send it to your Mother in Warsaw, she will know that. Yes, I love you as nobody ever loves. At times I fear that my heart comes out of my chest to run to your side. I adore you, I love you, Ricardo

My beautiful Polaca,

Without love… it is not worth living, since it is the essence from which our soul nourishes. How could I live without you? It would be the worst of punishments, wandering in darkness. I adore you, Ricardo

My very loved Ewa,

I could never be without seeing you for six months!!! As far as Renoir, I don’t know if he loved as I do and I admire him as one of the greatest, as a painter, but not lover … You do not know how beautiful you are when you smile, to listen to your laughter is like music to my hearing. Your smile is like mother of pearl in the ocean. It is impossible to forget the tenderness in your eyes, the strength they emanate to the extreme of dimming the sun … As you see I will end up being a poet, not a dancer, but I will never stop loving you every day more … I love you, Ricardo

My very loved Ewa,

Nothing tortures more than doubts. Never doubt yourself since all that happens in our lives has a reason … Maybe you believe that you are one person more in this world but for me you are the world!!! Maybe in near future, both you and I will be able to live peacefully without so tied to the world and be able to help all who we love and know. Have faith since love is the key to harmony and happiness, and we have it for each other in totality of BEING … I always love you more, since not to do so I would die. I adore you. Ricardo

My very loved,

Let’s continue!!! … your wings are shade I need, since they help me push my will towards reason. They protect my soul and health and at the same time they caress me when I need them. Every time I breathe, I know you are. Life would not exist for me, now that you are the reason to continue and walk the path that God gives – always beautiful because you are in me. I adore you, Ricardo

My love,

Something happens always … if not love, life would have not an incentive to continue ahead. Doubts? … in me there are not, since doubt to do something is to start wrong ….. I have better reason than ever in my life. I love, and this love gives me the strength and energy, and is sufficient to treat people without hurting anyone, to do the best. I will never stop telling you the truth, I’m better since I do not smoke. I’m treating other things such as heart, which is better … Why would not our love last? I have no doubts, and I only LIVE TODAY. You are always marvelous and without fears about what will come. Why doubts? I ADORE YOU MORE THAN EVER, Ricardo

Hello my adored Ewa,

I am pleasantly surprised how much you understand my form of loving you, and at the same time I feel an immense joy in my heart for all …how you love me and what you give me. There are very few big joys in life of a human being and one of them is to understand love, because when you really comprehend the time holds back, the light is more brilliant, and all the nature shines with the force of love expressed and understood. To live is to thank God for how much He gives us; the sun for it’s warmth, the moon for it’s mystery, and the stars for twinkling their brilliance … the water whispers, the clouds paint arabesque in the blue of the sky and the air envelops us cooing to us as the babies in a crib. YOU are the magic which gives me life and energy. Your smile, your laughter, your hands energize me. Your mouth, oh your mouth, is the nectar for mine, and thus I love you more. I am counting the days to be able to embrace you and cover you with kisses of love. I LOVE YOU, Ricardo

Hello my love Ewa,

The words flow out of me because I am always filled with you, with this love that you’ve given me which does but grow in how much I love you, what you mean to me. I feel all this woman that you are, full of vitality, always ready to give the best of yourself. From day to day you grow in my interior. I LOVE YOU, Ricardo

Hello my love,

It is always our duty to teach respect the differences but also have rights; one should have obligations. Would it be possible to travel to the moon and live as on earth, don’t you think? I wish you have the best Christmas of your life, surrounded by your children who I know adore you, and always with this comprehension so beautiful that you have inside of yourself. I love you for who you are, for what you represent as a woman, for your enormous capacity to forgive and give the best of you, I admire you, my woman and for this I am grateful to God. With the best wishes from my heart. I LOVE YOU, Ricardo

Hello my love … I hope that God gives me the necessary time to make you happy, which you deserve, and that He illuminates me more with comprehension and wisdom to give you my heart and soul which will never stop to be grateful, because they met you in a moment when all closed for me. I will never stop loving you with respect, with admiration and passion that you light in me. I LOVE YOU I ADORE YOU … Waiting to see you soon … Ricardo

My loved Polaca,

I could never arrive at expressing how much you mean in my life, I would love to come to the age of 100 and continue with the idea that you would never go away from me. Your joys and wishes are one happiness, so I enjoy them when you make them … I LOVE YOU, Ricardo

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